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SAT Subject Tests

SAT Subject Tests Can Be Beat! We can show you how.

SAT Subject Tests - Tutoring & Test Prep

SAT subject exams are an important part of the college application process. We can give your student the advantage they need.

SAT Subject Test Experts

Here's How We Help:

SAT Subject Tests assess students' skill levels in specific subjects for colleges, which is why it is such an important part of the application process.

Boost SAT Subject Test Scores

2018-Best-Tutors-CBS-Chicago-Academic-CrestWe focus on individual, expert instruction. Students work one-on-one with an experienced private tutor to learn:


  • Time management
  • When to guess
  • Active reading strategies
  • Building material knowledge

We know that your child has a unique learning style, and we are dedicated to catering to that style. With enough SAT practice and the right guidance, your child can reach their full potential come test day.


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SAT Subject Tests & AP Exam Tutoring

Expertise-Best-Test-Prep-Tutors-2018-Large-LogoFor more than a decade, our proven SAT Subject Test prep system (powered by Chicago Academic) has helped thousands of students.

  • Individualized timing strategy
  • The secrets to identifying the right answers 
  • Don’t waste time memorizing unnecessary material, stay swift by learning only what matters
  • Gain the advantage of learning all of the test’s secrets

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