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COVID-19 Policies and Procedures

We are unstoppable together. The House is doing its part.



The House is committed to the health and well-being of our students. We are closely monitoring and exceeding the recommendations of the CDC, Illinois Department of Health, and Illinois School Board of Education guidelines. We take your student's safety very seriously, so that you can have one fewer thing to worry about.



In The House:


  • Only registered students will be allowed in The House
  • We will be operating in the model of a restaurant. Students will reserve space based on time and size of party. We will escort them to their space.
  • Upon entering, students will sanitize hands, check-in using our touchless system, and place their cell phones in our UV Disinfecting Chamber.
  • Masks are not required in private study areas but must be worn by students when moving about and having staff approach their areas.
  • All participants will adhere to 6-feet social distancing guidelines
  • Students will enter and exit at different locations.

The House’s Responsibility

  • The House will operate at 50% capacity and will not exceed four students per area.
  • Hours of operation will be expanded to accommodate students e-learning during the day.
  • Upon entering, staff will sanitize hands, undergo a temperature check, and place their cell phones in our UV Disinfecting Chamber.
  • Staff will be required to wear masks and operate behind plexiglass shielding when appropriate.
  • Staff will wear masks and face shields when appropriate.
  • Students will no longer enter the cafe. Staff will take orders via a mobile app and deliver sanitized prepackaged snacks and hot meals to the student.
  • Tutoring rooms have been updated for COVID safety, including plexiglass shielding between the tutor and students.
  • All student areas will be disinfected between student visits. All common areas will be sanitized each hour.
  • Sanitizer will be available throughout the center.
  • The House will be sanitized at night in preparation for the next operating day.


At Your House:


  • Parents will provide an appropriate space for tutoring: good air circulation, reasonable distance between student and tutor, and disinfected surface.
  • Students will wear masks at all times.
  • Students will disinfect hands periodically during sessions.
  • Parents will limit occupants of the session area to just the student(s) and tutor.
  • Parents will secure pets before tutors enter the home.

The House’s Responsibility

  • Tutors will wear masks at all times.
  • Tutors will disinfect hands in the entryway of the home.
  • Tutors will keep a reasonable distance from all household members.




  • No masks, no sanitizing, no fuss.

The House’s Responsibility

  • Provide an outstanding session in our very own Virtual Classroom Portal.


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