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The House: In the News

What's all the excitement about?

An idea this good is always in the news

The analogies are amazing... the fanfare is flattering. Read on to learn more about The House.

Why We Need to Take the Home Out of Homework

October 2019

School is a time when kids get the opportunity to find their independence in their social lives, so why shouldn’t they do the same in their academic lives too? Better yet, why can’t they do both at the same time? That means getting homework out of the home and into a more collaborative work environment.

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The House Tutoring Lounge offers homework help for high school students

GLENCOE, Ill. (WLS) -- Coined "The World's First Tutoring Lounge", The House Tutoring Lounge is a place for students to get their work done outside of the home.

Started in 2010, the company's website describes the space as a parent-free oasis that gives kids the chance to study and connect in a relaxed atmosphere.
The CEO & Founder of The House Gil Gibori joined ABC7 to talk about their unique studying environment.
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The story behind creating the world’s first tutoring lounge.

MAY 2019

The Best Dad I Can Be Podcast: Featuring Gil Gibori

We always knew that funky blew away nerdiness, in this idea of how to help students learn.

The reason the kids love it, is because they’re studying together, they’re hanging out together, and it’s filled with tutors that are easy to access and there to help.

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Modern Luxury

April 2019

Full House

Glencoe's new tutoring lounge caters to tweens and teens looking for a supportive space to study in style.

The Giboris are experimenting with a groundbreaking new concept: a tutoring lounge. The monthly membership provides unlimited access to the space and on-demand help from roaming tutors. Should they need more help, kids can request a private session and charge it to their account. The hip space intentionally feels like a home away from home with spaces for kids to study together or in solitude.

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Chicago Tribune Front Page Feature

April 2019

Weighing the cost of academic advantages

Gil Gibori, founder and CEO of The House, feels his tutoring lounge provides kids not only academic services but important social and emotional support. “Today’s students suffer from much higher incidence of stress, anxiety and depression produced by a much more intense school and social environment, he says. “Tutoring firms, such as ours, participate as critical pieces of the community of child wellness professionals, which include neuropsychologists, therapists, psychiatrists and, of course, educators.”

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March 2019

Building a tutoring space

...The House, a learning space in Glencoe, Ill. It is a space with deep intentional design that is looking to step into this gap. It is a solution that can support families and communities by disrupting the traditions of the normal learning model.

Designed with precision, this tutoring lounge allows middle and high school students the space that they need for connection, reorientation and reinvigoration with their learning.  “We have members that are getting excited about learning again,” says founder Gil Gibori.

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February 2019

Re-Imagine Traditional Tutoring with The House

The general consensus is once kids hit about 3rd grade, with words like Common Core buzzing about, parents are maxed out on the know-how for assisting with homework. Embarrassing as that may be, The House in Glencoe has set out to introduce families to a brand new, parent-free approach to tutoring. This student-focused, lounge concept gives kids the educational assist they need, while also addressing their social-emotional need for peer connection.

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January 2019

What might school districts learn from The House? Are there ways to replicate some of its innovations in a more traditional setting?

When Gil Gibori searches for an analogy to describe the model behind his new premium tutoring center, The House, he’s apt to touch on a few big names, including WeWork, the Apple Genius Bar and, perhaps most unusually, the premium grocer Whole Foods.

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January 2019

Why This Chicago Tutoring Center Wants to Be the ‘Whole Foods’ of Education

When Gil Gibori searches for an analogy to describe the model behind his new premium tutoring center, The House, he’s apt to touch on a few big names, including WeWork, the Apple Genius Bar and, perhaps most unusually, the premium grocer Whole Foods.

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December 2018

Soho House Meets Genius Bar at This New Chicago Tutoring Lounge
Who knew studying could be so chic?
Chicago-area students are in for a treat as The House, a brand new concept in tutoring, recently opened its doors in Glencoe.

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December 2018

Say hello to the new kid on the block.

As of December 1st, The House, a first-of-its-kind tutoring lounge is open for students in downtown Glencoe.

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October 2018

Highland Park sees proposed 'teen hangout' business as good fit for downtown

The owners of a Northfield-based tutoring company are hoping to open a storefront business in downtown Highland Park that functions as a teen hangout — a place where young people can socialize, eat, collaborate with peers on projects and purchase academic tutoring and support services.

“I think he has his fingers on the pulse of what the parents and students want,”...

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