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Built on an Amazing Foundation

The House is Powered by Chicago Academic

Voted Best Test Prep Tutors in Chicago 2018

The House™ is powered by Chicago Academic, the most widely recognized and acclaimed tutoring service in Chicago, and the North Shore.

About The House™

Originally founded in 2010, our company started with one mission in mind, to help relieve the anxiety families have regarding their students’ education by providing the very best educational support possible.

We found that our approach was unique. No other tutoring company was as interested as we were in getting to know our students. This allowed us to gain amazing insights into how we developed our tutoring and test prep services. It helped us define success.

We are a reflection of what we have learned. Children thrive when given elements of control. We have everything kids need to succeed academically. We build a community of support for students and their families.

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Tutoring Services

Success, Nothing Less

The House delivers custom-tailored tutoring programs that are dynamic and engaging. We provide your child with the tools and confidence they crave to succeed academically.

... and when we say we, we mean we!

In choosing our tutors, we have a rigorous selection process in which we not only look for great credentials, but also stellar personalities. (A champion surfer, a rock star, PhDs - we've got them all.)

The House is powered by Chicago Academic, which was proudly ranked Best Test Prep Tutors in 2018 by both CBS and Expertise.

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A Community That Inspires

The House builds a team of support around each student. Tutors, teachers, parents, and our staff meticulously monitor your child's progress. We also provide support and guidance for the family. We are much more than just a tutoring service.

Whether your student needs academic tutoring, ACT prep classes, college essay coaching, or just a quiet place to study, The House can offer a solution.

Our Mission