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The Ultimate Tutoring Support

The House provides all the support a student needs. When they need it.



Maximize Your Child's Academic Potential

The award-winning tutors at The House help students surpass even their loftiest educational goals through many tutoring and test prep options.

Tutoring All Academic Subjects

With a devoted staff of educators and a long list of the most impressive and diverse tutors in Chicago, we provide students (grades 6-12) the very best in customized educational support in all academic subjects, executive functioning, ACT, SAT, AP test prep, SAT subject tests, and so much more!

ACT & Final Exam Tutoring & Test Prep

ACT Exams are coming in October! Did you know The House offers award-winning Test Prep? Learn more about our ACT Exam Tutoring →

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Supporting All Types Of Learners

Our experts work with every type of student, from those with learning disabilities, suffering from anxiety/depression and to the gifted. The most respected professionals in Chicago, including counselors, psychologists, and school administrators refer their families to us.

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A Personalized Approach

Our supportive team is here to guide you. It starts with our very first conversation where we begin to learn about your student and their needs. We then start to build a structure of support around your child. The House takes care of everything - and we make it easy. Our approach enables parents and students to experience relief, while grades and confidence improve.