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Virtual Tutoring

The tutors you’ve come to know. Now available online. On-demand homework help... when you need it. 

Virtual Membership

Online Tutoring

Welcome to The Virtual House! Our tutors are standing by and ready to get to work in YOUR HOUSE... face-to-face with your student, online. Now!

Whether it’s homework help, test prep, or privately scheduled tutoring sessions, The House offers its full complement of academic support on our exclusive online tutoring platform.

Ready to get started?

For detailed instructions on how to get started with a virtual tutoring session, follow this link: virtual students >>



Our Rock Star Tutors

Our roster of more than 100 tutors includes specialists in every academic subject. We are also now offering our award-winning ACT and SAT prep online, as an option.

We curate our tutors from selective graduate-level programs and the ranks of education professionals.


Incredibly Convenient

On your schedule, from your home. Our state-of-the-art virtual tutoring platform with an interactive customized whiteboard allows tutors and students to communicate, interact, and collaborate, with real-time texting and video conferencing.  

The one-click setup is intuitive and requires no downloads.


Customized Experience

We match each student with the best-fit tutor based on the student's personality and learning style. Our tutors are trained to track students’ learning real-time and to create a personalized program to develop each individual’s content knowledge, student toolbox, and confidence.