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Educational Consulting

College search should be an adventure, not a chore. The House has partnered with a unique team of coaches that can show you how.


Get Expert Help with Your College Search

Every student has unique personalities, talents, interests, abilities, and goals.There is a proven method for how to put these traits work to find the perfect school. 

The House: In Partnership with Riley Baker

Our esteemed partners at Riley Baker Educational Consulting have proven over the years that every student can catch the eye of the admissions committee. Their unique services help reveal attributes that aren't always obvious.

Parents, you want to see your child thrive.

The team at Riley Baker do too – they're proud of every student they've helped find their chosen school. With smart and sensitive guidance, students are empowered by the challenge, becoming stronger and more confident candidates in the process. Here's now:

  • Relieve the pressure and confusion you’re feeling.
  • Get answers to the questions you’re concerned about.
  • Narrow the options to keep things simple and focused.
  • Feel confident that you’re on target with a workable plan.

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Students, you want to share new experiences.

You're wondering – where will you fit in? Where will you find your tribe? Choosing a college with the right academic programs is essential, but so is finding the right social and personal fit.

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How do you figure out what's right for you? How do you prove to admissions officers that you're a good fit?

That's where our team comes in...

Our process actually helps you become a stronger candidate - more organized, more mature and more confident - because you're building the skills that lead to success.

The result of our student-centered approach is that the majority of our students are accepted into their first-choice schools. Even more important, our students feel confident in - and delighted with - their final selections. That's why few of our students opt to transfer to another college. When the choice is right, the fit is comfortable.

We help you discover - and become - who you really are. That's how you get where you want to go.


How does it work? What can we expect?

Throughout your high school years, we'll advise you in your coursework and extracurricular activity selection, create testing timelines, and suggest any extra services, like test prep or summer enrichment programs, to strengthen your profile. We'll share our knowledge of colleges, campuses, and student cultures. We'll help you showcase your talents and communicate your passions. Together, we'll seek - and find - the college destination where you'll be happiest and most successful.


Schedule an informal initial meeting, and see what you think.

Tell us your thoughts, ask questions, get costs, and learn all the ways we can help. Most families quickly see they’re in good hands. There’s no cost, and no obligation.


Looking for the right boarding school, graduate school, or college to transfer to?

We can help with those too.

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