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Here is why you should consider a Membership

The House™ offers its amazing private tutoring to everyone, but membership benefits are many, and amazing.

Tutoring Clients
Benefits & Services
Current Price
Private Tutoring (non-Members) ($115/hr)
ACT & SAT Prep ($170/hr)
Funky Masters/PhD Tutors (Included)
Members' Private Tutoring ($100/hr)
Small Group Tutoring (Hourly Rate)
Homework Help (Included)
The Lounge (Included)
The Kitchen Cafe (access) (Included)
Priority Scheduling (Included)
Online Tutoring (Hourly Rate)
On-Demand Private Tutoring (30 min or more) (Hourly Rate)
Group Study Rooms (Included)
Private Events (Included)
Friend Passes (Included)
$250 / month
Tutoring Clients