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The House
The House

The House

Welcome to the world's first Tutoring Lounge. An inspirational educational experience like no other.

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The House
A Premium Tutoring Lounge

Welcome to The House

The House is the world’s first premium Tutoring Lounge, a parent-free, student-focused study space like you have never seen. Supercharging social-study in the trendiest hangout around.

Homework time stresses out the entire family. Send your kids to The House to get the help they need, right when they need it. Filled with rock star tutors - think champion surfers with PhDs – your students will have constant access to the coolest experts around.

Glencoe’s trendiest place to hang out is also the best place to study.

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The House
Membership Lounge

A Bespoke Concierge Experience

The habitat of the industrious, the curious, and the driven - the world’s first tutoring lounge specifically designed for today’s student.

  • Membership Experience

Members have priority access to our private tutors and group study rooms, guest passes for friends and the ability to be tutored online anywhere in the world, including your home.

  • Benefits

Friendly tutors, fresh-made stylish snacks, brainstorming booths, quiet rooms, cozy corners, swings, bleachers and more. The Member Lounge offers teenagers the opportunity to reimagine the learning experience through fresh design, engaging community, and the comforts of home.

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The House
Two Solutions in One

The Ultimate Tutoring Center

Not sure about a membership yet? Don’t worry. We tutor everyone.

Regularly scheduled tutoring and on-request assistance in any subject from the most elite tutors available.

Personalized, data driven test prep powered by CA’s proven methods and expert instructors. No rigid programs, no minimums. Simply unbelievable score improvement.

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The House

Kids are thrilled, and parents are amazed!