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The Ultimate Tutoring and Test Prep Experience

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For consistent academic support, look no further than House. Homework Help, Tutoring, Test Prep when they need it - in-lounge, in-home, or online.

With a devoted staff of educators and roster featuring the most impressive and diverse tutors in Chicago, The House provides students (grades K - college) the very best in customized educational support in ALL academic subjects.

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Take the stress out of SAT and ACT test prep. Our test prep tutors focus on mastery and strategy and our award-winning test prep program is designed for students of all abilities.

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Just need help getting through tonight's homework? Call The House Team to arrange a session for as long or as short as you need. Next day, same day, same hour! Whatever you need.

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For consistent academic support, look no further than House Membership. Members grades 7 through 12 receive Homework Help when they need it, online or in our teen-inspired lounge. There are so many more benefits to membership including On-Demand private tutoring at reduced rates and access to our gourmet cafe.

The Ultimate Study Experience


All Available at The House.

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Thousands of sessions, hundreds of elated families. You'll never pay a dime for a session that does not thrill you.

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Here’s Why Parents Choose The House

Highly experienced tutors
Customized learning
Online or in your home
Expertise with IEP management
Flexibility in scheduling
Inspired teaching strategies
Customized instruction
IEP support
Executive Functioning skill building
Tutors with content area expertise
At The House, in your home, or online
E-Learning Support
Expert tutors in all subjects
Flexible scheduling and location
E-Learning Support
Customized instruction and IEP management
Executive Functioning tutoring
Award-winning test prep
Virtual or in-person tutoring
Flexible scheduling
Essay consultation and editing
Tutors with expertise in even the most advanced subjects
Mid-term and final exam prep
Ongoing executive functioning support

Here's What Parents and Students Have to Say

Man, being a mom to teenagers is hard and having “The House” and crew with me on this ride, helps so very much!!! 
Some days, it can feel like I’m on a sinking ship … and lucky for me, the crew at The House comes along with a lifeboat

Dana H.
Northbrook, IL

I got the highest grade on the physics test in my class after my On-Demand tutoring session!

Katherine Z.
Glencoe, IL

I’m scared to jinx it because it was so so good. Jack got his homework done AND had a blast.

Julia L.
Highland Park, IL

The House has been an amazing resource for me since I joined last year. It's always been a place I could go to anytime, and has been a huge help with my school work. The people there are amazing --  the peers and tutors -- and its overall great place and it's the only place where I can concentrate!

Emilia K.
Glencoe, IL

Your staff is doing an amazing job building a real community that our son feels very connected to. These tutors have connected with him on a variety of levels through shared interests. They are such warm, caring, interesting people. Thank you so much for making the effort to hire these amazing tutors who are building a great community with the teen members.

Anne M.
Winnetka, IL

Brooke was absolutely over the moon with the session. She said the ACT tutor is amazing and she already learned a lot. I think you found the perfect person to take her where she wants to go. She was already working on her ACT practice today so he clearly inspired her to dive right in. This is going to be a great match.

Cassie G.
Wilmette, IL

The House is a little gem! We have had no homework struggles this past week!

Margaret K.
Wilmette, IL

Mike went to The House tonight and loved it. He says he was able to be much more productive than he normally is at home. I think having a change of venue and such a warm, comfortable, and supportive place could really be a game changer for him.

Karen W.
Highland Park, IL

We loved Liam's whole hipster vibe! He was great with John. John forgot his math workbook at school, but Liam was able to work around it and give John ways to remind himself to bring everything home each day, solving an ongoing problem.

Laura M.
Glencoe, IL

Christopher loves The House, and it truly has been meeting all of his needs! Christopher is a freshman and has a tough schedule. The House has been so great for Christopher in every way!

Brooke B.
Glencoe, IL

You have given Luke the desire to do well! I’ve been working on that for 4 years! He was so excited to show me his grades and current jump in overall GPA. I don’t know what you are doing, or how you are doing it, but thank you!

Ellie W.
Glencoe, IL

The humanity of sharing the experience of studying with tutors and friends, watching everyone stumble and succeed has made my kids so much more comfortable in school. Homework is an excuse to go to your lounge, not the punishment. Thank you for everything you have done for our family. You’ve taken the homework time; we get the family time.

Jason S.
Winnetka, IL

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My child needs ongoing support that weekly tutoring probably won't provide. What is the best option?
Q: What types of tutors do you hire?
Q: What if my child goes to The House to do schoolwork, only to spend the time playing video games on his phone?
Q: Do I have to sign a contract for membership?
Q: What if the tutor is not a good fit for my child?
Q: My child has an IEP and struggles with anxiety and depression. Is The House a place where he can thrive?
Q: Is there a way to help my student get organized and do homework?
Q: My child is very shy and I'm concerned he's not going to ask for help or engage with other students.

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